Antimicrobial Solutions

SelenBio, Inc brings patented Seldox™ antimicrobial technology to products where bacteria and biofilm control is key.

Seldox™ is a safe, selenium-based organic compound proven to neutralize bacteria on contact, inhibiting biofilm formation. Seldox™ works by producing superoxide radicals that attack bacteria, and because Seldox™ is non-leaching, it remains effective as long as oxygen is present.


Our DenteShield™ line of dental and orthodontic products utilizes Seldox™ antimicrobial technology to fight and control plaque, white spots, and gingival inflammation.


SelenBio is working to improve the safety and outcomes of products within the healthcare environment that benefit from increased antimicrobial protection.


Industry partners are utilizing Seldox™ technology to control biofilm formation and improve product effectiveness.