Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do DenteShield™ products differ from the competition?

In addition to a physical barrier, all SelenBio DenteShield™ products incorporate Seldox™, which creates an antimicrobial, biological barrier killing any bacteria that may reach the tooth’s surface.

2. Are DenteShield™ products BPA free?

Yes. All DenteShield™ products are free of BPA (bisphenol A).

3. Does Seldox™ alter the product’s taste?

No difference in taste has been reported between products containing Seldox™ and products without.

4. Will DenteShield™ products alter tooth color?

Laboratory tests have shown no clinically visible discoloration or change in tooth shade as a result of using DenteShield™ products.

5. Can DenteShield™ sealants and primers be used with my current orthodontic adhesive?

Yes. DenteShield™ Light Cure Otho Enamel Surface Sealant and DenteShield™ Orthodontic Primer are designed and tested for use with either DenteShield™ Light Cure Orthodontic Adhesive or currently available light cure orthodontic adhesives from other manufacturers.

Additionally, an independent laboratory test concluded that DenteShield™ sealants and primers showed no significant affect on the shear bond strength of common orthodontic adhesives, and performed favorably compared to leading sealants and primers.

6. Will DenteShield™ sealant and primer brush off over time?

Results from a study simulating 24 months of tooth brushing showed only 30% average loss over the course of two years.

Where can I find more information on trials and clinical studies?

Downloadable reports may be found here.